Featured image of the tutoring program

The Tutoring|Mentoring Programme is coordinated by the Management and Support Group (GGA-UTAD):

  • Carla Amaral, Pro-Rector for Education and Quality, teacher at UTAD – camaral@utad.pt;
  • Cristina Antunes, psychologist, tutor and teacher at UTAD – mantunes@utad.pt;
  • Rosário Anjos, tutor and teacher at UTAD – ranjos@utad.pt;
  • Armando Soares, tutor and teacher at UTAD – asoares@utad.pt;
  • Maria da Conceição Medeiros de Castro Fontes,  tutor and teacher at UTAD – mcfontes@utad.pt;
  • Octavio José Rio do Sacramento, tutor and teacher at UTAD – octavsac@utad.pt;
  • Dulce Baptista , secretariat and technical support – dbaptista@utad.pt;
  • Tatiana Ferreira, secretariat and technical support– tatianaf@utad.pt.


The main functions of the GGA-UTAD are:

– Attendance and forwarding of students to specialized services, at the request of tutors, mentors or the students themselves;
– Training of tutors and mentors;
– Monitoring and evaluation of the Tutoring|Mentoring Programme;
– Organisation of support materials and planning of training programmes;
– Preparation, along with other UTAD structures, of the reception of new students.


Course Directors

Course directors play a fundamental role in motivating teachers and students to join the Tutoring|Mentoring Programme, and monitoring the distribution of students enrolled at the beginning of the academic year by the tutors available on the course.
The course directors maintain contact with the members of the GGA-UTAD.