1st phase results :: Enrollment

National and International Students 

Applications for admission to the 2nd Cycle/Master and 3rd Cycle/PhD courses of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro will take place.
Applications are made exclusively online and are intended for all those interested in joining a UTAD Masters and/or PhD course for attendance in the academic year 2021/2022, regardless of the nationality of candidates (including international students).


Access qualifications

Can apply for a 2nd cycle course (master’s degree):

a) Holders of a bachelor degree or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of a foreign higher degree, conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the Bologna Process principles by a State adhering to the Process;
c) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognized by the Scientific or Technical-Scientific Council of the organic unit of education as satisfying the objectives of the bachelor degree unit;
d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting ability to carry out the study cycle by the Scientific or Technical-Scientific Council of the organic unit of education;
e) Can also apply the finalists who are able to finish the degree course during the school year.

Can apply for a 3rd cycle course (PhD):

a) Holders of the master degree or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of a bachelor degree, holders of a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized as attesting ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific or Technical-Scientific Council of the educational unit;
c) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the educational unit;
d) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of the degree of licenciado by the Scientific or Technical-Scientific Council of the organic unit of education;
e) Can also apply the finalists who are able to finish the master course during the school year.

Admission to certain courses may demand the satisfaction of specific requirements. Therefore, information on each course can be find out at the UTAD website at https://www.utad.pt/estudar/en/

Application Fees

The application fee is 20.00 euros (non-refundable).

Supporting documents

The application is exclusively online, through a platform available at the Academic Services website. In order for the application to be processed, it is compulsory to submit the following documents:

a) Copy of the identity card or other identification document (with a photo) for the case of foreign candidates (alternatively, you must submit a declaration with the identification data);
b) b) Copy of a tax card (another identification document in case of non-Portuguese applicants);
c) Certificate of degree completion including the final average;
d) Certificate identifying the curricular units carried out, their respective classifications and ECTS (if applicable);
e) Curriculum Vitae (academic, scientific and professional);
f) Other elements considered useful to evaluate the candidacy;
g) Other elements requested by the respective Course Coordinator.

Selection Process

For each applicant, a merit rating is calculated. Based on this merit rating, students are placed in a ranked order, from the highest merit rating to the lowest. This merit rate meets the following general criteria:

a) Suitability and score of the access qualification;
b) Academic, scientific and professional curriculum;
c) Results of interview selection tests.

The subcriteria and respective weights are the responsibility of each Course Coordinator.
In the application evaluation phase, the Courses Coordinator may, if they understand so, request the candidates to prove the information presented in their processes or they can also request the delivery of other documents.
Finally, applicants are accepted in the course according to a proposal from the Course Coordinator, after the positive deliberation of the Scientific Council of the School.

Other important information

The candidates who do not have yet proof of the completion of the degree during the application period may apply for a course (s) of the 2nd or 3rd cycle of studies, but the registration depends on the degree certificate delivery.

The documents regarding academic qualifications not conferred by UTAD, compulsory to complete the application, are subject to authentication in the case of enrollment, which can be done through:

a) Presentation of original documents and copies, at the Academic Services. These Services proceed to the copy authentication, and you can keep the original one.
b) In the case of foreign qualifications, they must be recognized by the local Portuguese consular agent and / or legalized by the Apostille of the Hague, system under the Convention on the Suppression of the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Acts (better known as the Hague Convention), signed in The Hague, on 5 October 1961, except for documents issued by Higher Education Institutions of European Union countries.

However, in case of doubt on the presented documentation, the aforementioned acknowledgment or submission of additional documentation may be requested to any applicant.

The academic certification documents must be translated whenever they are not issued in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English, and are endorsed by the consular service or submitted with the Apostille of The Hague by the competent authority of the State where the document originates.

The candidate is the first responsible for the application process.

The application cannot be processed if the documentation is not complete and submitted in the correct way, in particular as regards the essential elements to allow for proper performing of the selection procedures or the presentation out of time, and may lead the preliminary rejection of the candidate.

Intending to apply for more than one course, it must be observed the same procedure for each course separately, as well as pay each application fee.

Students who have been enrolled in the 1st cycle, regardless of having attended 2nd cycle curricular units, have to apply for the course.

Notification of the admission results

After the admission selections, the results are posted at the Academic Services webpage.

Candidates in the reserve list or candidates who do not enroll in the deadline established for this purpose, according to the defined schedule, namely because they do not hold the certificate of completion of degree, must reapply in the following application rounds if they keep the interest in joining in the course (applications do not go through rounds/phases).

Candidates with the application “not admitted / excluded”, if they wish, can also reapply in the following rounds.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees to be applied in the academic year 2021/2022 are those set by the UTAD’s General Council. 


1st Phase
Vacancies definition16/02/2021
Application17/02/2021 – 22/03/2021
Selection29/03/2021 – 09/04/2021
Display of selection results12/04/2021
Complaints13/04/2021 – 16/04/2021
Enrollments13/04/2021 – 23/04/2021
Display of complaints results26/04/2021
Enrollment for accepted complaints27/04/2021 – 30/04/2021
Selection from the reserve list03/05/2021 – 07/05/2021


2nd Phase
Vacancies definition05/04/2021
Application06/04/2021 – 02/07/2021
Selection12/07/2021 – 23/07/2021
Display of selection results26/07/2021
Complaints27/07/2021 – 29/07/2021
Enrollments02/08/2021 – 13/08/2021
Display of complaints results06/08/2021
Enrollment for accepted complaints09/08/2021 – 13/08/2021
Selection from the reserve list16/08/2021 – 20/08/2021


3rd Phase
Vacancies definition19/07/2021
Application20/07/2021 – 27/07/2021
Selection06/09/2021 – 17/09/2021
Display of selection results21/09/2021
Complaints22/09/2021 – 24/09/2021
Enrollments22/09/2021 – 27/09/2021
Display of complaints results27/09/2021
Enrollment for accepted complaints28/09/2021 – 30/09/2021
Selection from the reserve list01/10/2021 – 08/10/2021


For masters courses, UTAD reserves the right:
. not open applications for 3nd phase for courses with less than 10 enrolled students at the end of 2nd application phase;
. not open courses with less than 10 enrolled students at the end of 3rd phase;
with the exception of courses for which the number of places is lower. If a course does not start, candidates may be re-enrolled in another course at their request and must submit an application for the course, and additional vacancies may be created, if necessary, by the rector.


From  april, 06 to july, 02 – Enter