Apresentação17 06

A Webinar was held on 17 June for the presentation and debate of UTAD’s Healthy and Sustainable Food Charter, a document prepared by a working group formed in February of this year, which included elements from various Schools, from SASUTAD, from AAUTAD , from the Nutrition Science Students Group and a representative of the local community.

After a brief overview by the Vice-Rector for Planning and Internationalization, which highlighted the fact that the Charter is part of UTAD’s commitment to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030, a panel made up of the President of the United Nations intervened. Order of Nutritionists, Dr. Alexandra Bento, by the nutritionists of ACES Douro I, Dr. Óscar Sequeira, by the President of AAUTAD, José Pinheiro, and by the coordinator of the SASUTAD food area, Eng. Antero Gonçalves, who highlighted the crucial importance of food for good health and good cognitive performance, as well as the importance of public policies and institutional measures that ensure food security, quality, sustainability and combating waste. The President of AAUTAD focused in particular on the need to assist, in the food plan, students in a situation of financial uncertainty and high anxiety. The SAUTAD Food Area Coordinator referred to the measures already implemented and the ongoing projects in partnership with the Universities of Minho and Porto. Finally, Profa. Carla Gonçalves, Director of the degree in Nutrition Sciences, presented the good practices proposed in the Charter, which obey five guiding principles: Ensure access to a healthy, balanced and varied diet, taking into account the needs of the individual and their situation in the life cycle; Ensure food security for students; Promote food sustainability and the reduction of food waste; Promote the increase of food literacy; and Promote the training of different elements of the academic community to achieve healthy and sustainable food.


UTAD’s Healthy and Sustainable Food Charter