UTAD’s Museum of Geology was founded in 1986 by Professor Fernando Real, an eminent geologist and Rector of the newly created University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, with the contribution of the teachers in the Geology Department at the time.

It has been housed since its creation in the Geoscience building. This scientific museum has an area of approximately 250m2, devoted to long-term exhibitions, complemented by a room of about 100m2 for temporary exhibitions. Long-term exhibitions comprise mineral, rock and fossil collections, mostly from Portugal, whose quality and beauty confer a certain dignity on this space.

Having started largely with the personal collections of minerals, rocks and fossils of its founder and other supporters, the Museum of Geology today has a valuable collection of several thousand samples from around the world, in which the main Portuguese mines are represented with wonderful mineral and ore specimens.

The enthusiasm and cooperation of the numerous benefactors have been crucial for the museum’s development, as the collections of mineral, rock and fossil samples were enriched and many suggestions were made.

The main aim of UTAD’s Museum of Geology is to create a living space where students and visitors, and particularly students and teachers from all the schools in the region, can find the answer to many Earth Science-related questions and encouragement to conduct “research” work and projects on the various fields of Geology. Another objectives of UTAD’s Museum of Geology is to promote the dissemination of science and geological resources, and the scientific, technical and cultural promotion of the University, encouraging and facilitating interaction with other partners in the most diverse scientific, technical and educational domains.


Planta do Museu