The Association of Friends of the Museum of Geology of UTAD (AAMGUTAD) was formally incorporated on 17 February 2005. The creation of this Association had been a longstanding ambition in order to renovate and publicise UTAD’s Museum of Geology, and to create more favourable conditions for fostering and disseminating scientific culture, among other aims enshrined in the articles of association which were approved beforehand on 19 June 2004 by the founding partners.

The main aims of the activity undertaken by AAMGUTAD is to make UTAD’s Museum of Geology a living space where students and visitors, and particularly students and teachers from all the schools in the region, can find the answer to many Earth Science-related questions and encouragement to conduct “research” work and projects in the various fields of Geology. Another objectives is to disseminate science and geological resources, and the scientific, technical and cultural promotion of the University, encouraging and facilitating interaction with other partners in the most diverse scientific, technical and educational domains.


Statutes of the Association

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