UTAD’s Museum of Geology, whose patron is the eminent geologist and former Rector, Professor Fernando Real, who founded it in 1986, recounts millions of years of history. The museum is a true landmark within UTAD for its invaluable contribution to the study and knowledge of the Earth Sciences. Exhibits are displayed of some of the geological processes that have occurred over many millions of years or are still occurring on the planet.

Its collection is distributed across various sectors or groups: a) the evolution of life through geological eras, bringing together fossil and ichnofossil pieces, as well as models explaining this evolution; b) minerals as rock formation elements; c) types of rock according to their genesis; d) sample collections related to the main Portuguese mines.

As a true Living Science centre, the Fernando Real Museum of Geology contributes to the further training of UTAD’s students and is also, for its didactic potential, a prime destination for many schools around the region and the country which find here the answers to many Earth Science-related issues.