Informação para veterinários

The aim of HVUTAD is to be a centre to which external Veterinary Doctors may refer cases. Although it has some limitations in terms of equipment, it does have good facilities and above all a highly qualified and motivated Medical-Veterinary team.

Any Veterinarian who wishes to do so may refer a sick animal to HVUTAD for the required procedures to be performed. Once entered into HVUTAD, the animal is under its responsibility until the moment of discharge. The referring veterinarian may, whenever possible, assist in the handling of the animal.

It is the norm for HVUTAD to assist referring Veterinarians as far as we can. This collaboration may take the form of clarifying doubts by telephone or in person about outpatient animals; giving second opinions about X-rays or other complementary tests.

It is important to point out that in all cases HVUTAD is bound to respect professional secrecy.

Information for veterinarians making referrals

HVUTAD wishes to work with you to offer the best service to your patients and clients. Its Veterinary Centre, its clients and the Veterinary Doctors who are training in this University can make full use of the cases that you refer to us. We thank you for the trust you have so far placed in us and that has helped us make HVUTAD a better hospital.

How to use our services

To refer a sick animal please contact the reception on 259 350 601. If you prefer you can speak to a veterinarian in person before referring a sick animal. Reception will register your data and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Whenever you refer an animal, please complete the form that you can download at the bottom of this page.

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