Educação e Formação


One of the main missions of HVUTAD is to provide veterinary surgeons with strong practical expertise. The students in the clinical years have the opportunity to shadow the Veterinary Surgeons on duty, as well as the tutors of clinical subjects in the day-to-day work of the hospital.

Internships in various areas of Veterinary Medicine are also undertaken at HVUTAD. Internships involve post-graduate training for young graduates or masters whose aim is to provide a sound clinical basis to tackle the profession.

Training of intern Veterinary Surgeons

Intern Veterinary Surgeons receive theory and practical clinical training for 12 months in Pet Animals, Production Animals and Horses and Exotic and Wild Animals.

This training combines hospital practice and theory sessions of various kinds. The training of intern Veterinary Surgeons also includes, whenever possible, practical sessions or workshops on various themes, according to training needs.


The clinical staff at HVUTAD and the Hospital Management assess intern Veterinary Surgeons periodically. The points assessed are scientific interest, initiative, learning progress, professionalism, team integration, the relationship with the hospital staff, the relationship with students, compliance with one’s duties, responsibility and presentations.