Hospital Veterinário da UTAD

The UTAD Veterinary Hospital (HVUTAD) was created in 1992. Later refurbished and extended, it is today a high quality amenity, recognised not only for the services it provides to the community, but also for the training of would-be veterinary surgeons.

The Hospital comprises the following functional units: Pet Animal Clinic, Exotic and Wild Animal Clinic and Production Animal and Horse Clinic. There are daily appointments at each clinic and the emergency service is open 24 hours a day.

Animals that are admitted to the hospital are seen by teams of veterinary surgeon teachers, veterinary surgeons on post-graduate courses and final students of the Integrated Masters in Veterinary Medicine, the latter under the direct supervision of the clinical staff.

In addition to teaching and services to the community, it also plays an important role in promoting and developing research in the scientific areas under its remit.