2023 Edition: Apply Here (available from 05/15/2022)


To ensure effective integration of international students in their integrated degrees and masters, UTAD offers the Portuguese Language Preparatory Course, formatted in four modules:

– Level A1

– Level A2

– Level B1

– Level B2




Applications: From May 15, 2022 (at 12h – noon) to June 30, 2022 (at 12h – noon)

Results: July 15, 2022 (admitted and excluded candidates)

Registration/Enrollment: Until January 6, 2023

Course start: January 10, 2023

End of Course: June 30, 2023





Application fee: 250 euros

Annual fee: 2,500 euros


Payment must be made by bank transfer (*) and the student’s name and the name of the holder(s) of the bank account used for the payment must be included in the proof. Without such information, it will not be possible to locate the payment and therefore the application process will not be completed.

The registration fee (250 euros) is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The annual fee (2,500 euros) is non-refundable, but the amount paid can be used for other editions of the Preparatory Course.





– IBAN: PT50000706950009609000012





In some countries, it is common for a declaration to be required to carry out the bank transfer to pay the application fee or annuity. If this is your case, download the document (TEMPLATE), fill in your personal data and send it by email (international@utad.pt) to be signed, stamped and sent back to your email.



Please be aware that financial transactions between countries can take a few days (sometimes weeks). Therefore, the location and proof of payment of the application may take a few days.





To register for the Portuguese Language Preparatory Course, the candidate must submit the Application Form with ALL the required documents, observing the application period (05/15/2022 to 06/30/2022).


Before starting your application, please have with you ALL the documents requested to be attached, including proof of payment of the application fee.




  1. a) Copy of Passport;

Make sure the passport is properly signed. If it is not signed by you, we advise you to request a new passport before applying. In Portugal, the signed passport is a condition for other documents that will be needed here.

  1. b) Academic qualifications with which you are applying, including a certificate of completion

of secondary education (or equivalent) from your country of origin, history of subjects and exams taken (in the case of candidates from countries with non-romanized alphabets, they must present the translation into English, French, Spanish or Portuguese);

  1. c) Document proving the level of proficiency in English, French or Spanish, preferably with an indication of the level certificate. Alternatively, they can send a declaration of honour (TEMPLATE) attesting to that language proficiency, subject to subsequent validation;
  2. d) Letter of motivation (in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese) for attending the Portuguese Language Preparatory Course (CPLP), indicating the degree in which you intend to enter the following academic year (indicating up to 3 courses in order of preference), as well as subsistence conditions in Portugal;
  3. e) Two letters of recommendation;
  4. f) Proof of payment of the application fee/process instruction;
  5. g) Other documents that the candidates consider relevant for the evaluation of the application.




Agronomic Engineering 8
Forest Engineering and Biotechnology 8
Zootechnical Engineering 8
Oenology 10
bioengineering 4
biology 4
Biology and Geology 2
Biochemistry 6
Nutrition Sciences 2
Environmental Sciences 4
Sports Science 5
Genetics and Biotechnology 4
Psychomotor Rehabilitation 2
Communication and Multimedia 8
Biomedical Engineering 4
Civil Engineering 4
Industrial Engineering and Management 6
Electrical and Computer Engineering 6
Computer Engineering 8
Mechanical Engineering 4
Applied Mathematics and Data Science 4
Sociocultural Animation 4
Communication Sciences 6
economy 6
Basic Education 4
Management 3
Languages ​​and Business Relations 5
Languages, Literatures and Cultures 4
Psychology 6
Social Service 6
Theater and Performing Arts 4
Tourism 6
Nursing 2

For a better description of each course, visit:





After completing the entire application process, that is, verifying the validity of the passport, analyzing the school documents sent, verifying the adequacy of the language certificate, evaluating the motivation and recommendation letters and locating the payment of the application fee, the jury will meet to analyze the applications. Until July 15, 2022, the ranking lists will be published. Within 10 days, through the Office of International Relations and Mobility – GRIM, UTAD will issue a Letter of Acceptance to accepted candidates.


The Letter of Acceptance is a mandatory document to be presented at the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. Without it, it will not be possible to issue a study visa.





  1. Accommodation

Until the student arranges suitable accommodation for him/her during the period of study at UTAD in Vila Real, a room may be provided in one of the University Residences, subject to availability verification with the Social Action Services. For more information, visit: www.sasutad.pt

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) helps international students to find accommodation in Vila Real.

Information visit: https://www.facebook.com/esnutad/



  1. Annuity

The annual fee for 2022/2023 is €2,500 (two thousand five hundred euros). Payment must be made in full (not payable in instalments) at the time of registration (until January 6, 2023).

The student can pay the tuition fee before arriving in Portugal by bank transfer (the same reference used to pay the application fee). The proof must contain the name of the student and the holder(s) of the bank account, only then can the payment be located. The proof must be sent to: international@utad.pt



  1. Health insurance

Every international student who comes to study in Portugal must have health insurance appropriate for their situation, valid for the entire Schengen area and valid for a period equal to or greater than the duration of the course (at least until the 31st of July, 2023).

Failure to present adequate health insurance to the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate may result in the visa application being rejected.

All students enrolled at UTAD benefit from individual school insurance to cover personal accidents related to academic activities, which will be valid throughout the academic year.



  1. Visa

The student visa must be requested at the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate serving the applicant’s country of origin. The Embassy/Consulate is responsible for granting or rejecting the application for a study visa and UTAD has no power to interfere. The tourist visa is not suitable for studying or carrying out research activities in Portugal.

For more information on the types of visas and documents that must be presented, access https://portaldascomunidades.mne.gov.pt/pt/rede-consular, as the Portuguese Consulates/Embassies. Each country may request different documents and have peculiar procedures.




  1. Residence Permit

Residence permits (RP) are issued by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) so that students who will be in Portugal for more than 90 days are considered legal residents.

The SEF has on its web page a list of documents that must be presented for the Residence Permit to be issued.

To learn more, access https://imigrante.sef.pt/solicitar/estudar/art91-a/..

UTAD informs SEF about all international students who have been accepted into the Portuguese Language Preparatory Course. All cases of students who have been accepted, have registered, but are not attending the Portuguese Language Preparatory Course will also be communicated to SEF.