The Test of Foreign Language Level is an examination that allows you to prove your level of linguistic competence in German, French, English or Spanish, acquired along an academic and/or professional course of studies.


The Test of Foreign Language Level makes it possible to assess the individual’s potential to write, speak and understand a foreign language (German, French, English, and Spanish) and to certify this level of linguistic knowledge in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The linguistic level evaluated will be certified by the UTAD Training Office (GFORM) in partnership with the Department of Letters, Arts and Communication (DLAC), after completing the proficiency level assessment, which may be presented in different academic and professional situations.


Target Audience

Anyone who has knowledge in the desired language and wishes to enrich their curriculum vitae with a certification recognised at European level and in accordance with the CEFR.



Candidates must take the exam and obtain a minimum of 10 marks to be issued a certificate of competence according to the level tested.

The level test will be conducted by a jury of three members, chaired by the teacher appointed for the purpose, who will in turn nominate the other two members, depending on the language in question.

The evaluation test will consist of:

  • Written test (50%);
  • Oral and listening test (50%).


If the student so wishes, the items to be evaluated may be made available for the level at which the exam is requested.


To be informed at a later date, subject to the availability of the chair and members of the jury.


€100 – Test of Foreign Language Level

NOTE: If a candidate does not pass the examination at the level at which they applied, they must register again if they wish to take a lower language level examination.

To consult the Common European Framework of References, <<See here>>

To consult the Common European Handbook of References, <<See here>>

These will assist in the identification of the European level of language of the trainee.


UTAD facilities.


Registration Rules

Entries are formalised by completing the registration form (to request by e-mail – and submission of a copy of the Citizen’s Card or Identity Card and Taxpayer’s Card, in one of the following ways:

  1. In person, at the Training Office;
  2. By email –;
  3. By post – UTAD Training Office; 5000-801 Vila Real.

Only entries with the duly completed data, submission of the documents and payment of the fee for the exam will be considered. Payment may be made by:

  • Cheque made out to the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro;
  • Bank Transfer – NIB 0007 0000 02837000226 23

The trainees must print proof of payment and send it together with the other documents requested, except for payments made by Homebanking.

After completing the application process, the candidate will be informed as early as possible of the date and place of the examination.