In addition to the Continuing Teacher Training activities that UTAD promotes and which are published by the Gform << See >> 2nd and 3rd cycle curricular modules and courses at UTAD that are part of its degree-awarding training offer are accredited by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council of Continuing Education (CCPFC), allowing teachers who attend them to obtain credits for their career advancement.

To see the course list, please click on the links below:

<< Continuous formation>>

<< Specialized Training>>

Enrolment on these 2nd and 3rd cycle modules and courses are processed by the UTAD Academic Services, following the procedures in force at the University.

For Single Higher Education Courses and Disciplines (DSES) that appear in this list, the final awarding of credits to the trainee is done by the Academic Services of UTAD.

For other courses, or non-institutionally accredited DSESs, students may individually request certification of training they have completed, and for this purpose they must submit a request for individual credit awarding of this training to the CCPFC.

To do this, they should complete and submit the << Form dses>>

application form to the CCPFC along with any other documentation required.

The form is also available on the CCPFC website (,

/), where the student can obtain additional information, if necessary.

List of Accredited Specialised Training Courses