GFORM has the follow objectives:
a) To promote non-degree training, namely Specialisation Courses, Advanced Training, Technological Specialisation Courses and Free Courses, among others;

b) To promote continuing and specialised training for teachers and educators, and to implement new teacher training and qualification strategies of various types: continuing and specialised training programme with schools that host pedagogical traineeships for trainee teachers;

c) To develop and support vocational training activities, enhancing vocational training dynamics in the workplace, with business partners, and diversifying post-secondary education with public and private institutions;

d) To promote and coordinate in-house training plans so that workers can acquire and develop suitable skills for their tasks and personal and professional advancement;

e) To foster the use of eLearning in all areas mentioned above, in liaison with the Vice-Rector’s Office for Innovation and Knowledge Management;

f) To promote the certification of events (Congresses, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, etc.) held at UTAD.