The Integrated Quality Management System of UTAD (SiGQ-UTAD), aligned with the strategic objectives, has the function of ensuring continuous improvement of all dimensions of the institutional mission, promoting and monitoring the implementation of quality management systems in its various forms, through participatory and monitored actions of all stakeholders, partners, and interested parties.

The principles of operation and organization of SiGQ-UTAD, as well as the constitution and competencies of the Quality Monitoring Commission, are based on the Regulation of the Integrated Quality Management System [PT]. In order to guarantee quality standards, SiGQ-UTAD is ruled by the following instruments:


Recognizing that the teaching and learning process is a fundamental pillar in SiGQ, UTAD has mechanisms for periodic monitoring, promoting the relationship with students and other stakeholders, and developing solutions in line with their needs and expectations to increase their degree of satisfaction.