UTAD’s Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQ-UTAD) is responsible for ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of the institution, covering all the dimensions of its mission, for promoting and accompanying the implementation of Quality Management systems in its various by means of a continuous monitoring plan and participatory action, accompanied by all stakeholders, partners and stakeholders.

The principles for defining procedures and institutionalized mechanisms for systematic monitoring, evaluation and intervention for improvement are based on the Quality Manual .

SIGQ-UTAD is structured according to a model that is based on a process-based approach, ensuring the implementation of an institutional strategy for quality, adequate to its specificities, ensuring the adoption and compliance with the standards adopted by UTAD in the Strategic Plan.

The SIGQ-UTAD is composed of the Monitoring Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Services Committee . The constitution and competences of the different Committees are set out in the SIGQ-UTAD Regulation.


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Quality Manual

SIGQ-UTAD Regulation [PT]

Quality Plan