UTAD’s Quality Policy  has three main objectives: the first is the development of an organizational culture, aimed at improving and stimulating creativity and responsibility, involving and motivating the entire academic community in processes related to quality; the second objective is the internalization of a cross-culture quality to all activities and projects, in which evaluation is seen as a natural part of the institution’s activity; and the third objective is to reconcile the institutional development with UTAD obligation to provide critical information and to demonstrate the capacity to fulfill its statutory mission in society.

UTAD’s quality assurance policy is aligned with the institutional strategy, which takes as its core principle the shared vision of the University’s mission and values, translated into a strategic plan. Its operationalization involves all levels of the institution and is aligned with the Strategic Plan, which is implemented through specific action plans, both at institutional and Schools and Services levels

In addition to the overall documents – the Strategic Plan and Activity Plans – and in order to cultivate continuous quality improvement, UTAD also provides documents that demonstrate its commitment to transparency, gender equality , and pedagogical principles for Teaching and Learning, thus seeking to create a healthy, attractive and stimulating environment for all stakeholders.

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Implementation Report of the Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption and Related Offenses (2017) [PT]

Risk Management Plan for Corruption and Related Offenses (2016) [PT]

Plan for Equality (2016/2017) [PT]

Boletim da Qualidade – Setembro 2019

Boletim da Qualidade – Outubro 2019

Boletim da Qualidade – Novembro 2019

Boletim da Qualidade – Janeiro 2020

Boletim da Qualidade – Abril 2020

Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)