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The University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro is a Public Institution of Higher Education oriented towards the creation, transmission, and dissemination of culture, knowledge, science, and technology, through the articulation of study, teaching, research, and experimental development.

The growing and challenging demands of new competitive contexts require this institution to monitor and respond to them with a commitment to rigor, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality. The implementation of systems that ensure the participation and accountability of all contributes to UTAD being an open and transparent university, participative and democratic, but also responsible, demanding, and rigorous.

The promotion of Quality at UTAD is guaranteed by the Integrated Quality Management System – SiGQ-UTAD – which monitors and collects information, ensures its analysis and disseminates it to the various levels of management in all aspects of its mission, involving employees, faculty, students, and external partners.


Besides the instruments – Strategic Plan and Activity Plans [PT] – UTAD, to cultivate continuous quality improvement, also provides documents that demonstrate its commitment to transparency, gender equality [PT], and the Pedagogical Charter, thus seeking to create a healthy, attractive, and stimulating environment for all stakeholders.