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Designação do projeto | Projeto MINECO – New Eco-innovative Materials for Mining Infra

Código do projeto | ERA-MIN/0002/2018

Objetivo | Raw Materials for Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy

Região de intervenção | Norte


Data de início | 27 de Janeiro de 2020

Data de conclusão | 26 de Janeiro de 2023

Custo total elegível | 66.110,00 €

Custo total elegível UTAD | 66.110,00 €


The aim of the MINECO project is to develop new eco-innovative product solutions for mining infrastructures based on waste materials resulting from the mining operation, thus contributing sustainable development.

Vast amounts of mining related materials, such as tailings and waste rock, are left behind when the mine is finally closed, thus requiring sustainable treatments, which, ideally, should include very high recycling rates. Sulfidic mining waste, being generated from the production of base metals as Cu, Pb, and Zn, represents the largest volume of extractive waste in Europe, causing a serious potential Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) hazard.

The proposed project intends to develop alternative methods to recycle sulfidic tailings, for application in infrastructures and, also, in the construction and mining industries. The combination of the excellent mechanical properties of the tailings with new and more sustainable binders will create integrated, technically competent and environmentally optimized materials. The binders will be generated by the alkali activation technique, forming what is currently known as ‘alkali activated cements’, or AAC.