Designation of the project | DOUROTUR
Project code | NORTH – 01-0145-FEDER-000014

Main Objective | Tourism in the Douro

Region of intervention | Douro

Beneficiary | University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Date of approval | 05-30-2016

Start date | 01-05-2016
End date | 04-30-2016

Total eligible cost | 679 458,26 €

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER –  577 539.52 €


Project focuses on reinvigorating tourism in the Douro, whose performance falls far below stakeholders expectations. It aims to contribute to the renewal and diversification of the tourist offer by filling the gap between the Douro s current state and its potential. Its researchers will increase knowledge of current tourist products, services and trends, evaluate its communications strategy and set priorities for the use of digital marketing.

This operation has four research tasks, each with a distinct – albeit interconnecting – set of aims:

RT1 Analysis of the Douro´s tourism offer: products, services, visitor experience and stakeholders. The aim is to evaluate the the tourist potential of the Douro, taking into account the evolution of the tourist offer over time and its current reality.

RT2 – The tourists image of the douro: production, mediation, comunication & consumption. The objective is to specify what image of the Douro as a tourist destination is produced (how and by whom), communicated and mediated (how and by whom) and consumed (essentially by visiting tourists).

RT3 – Tourist demand and the impact of tourism in the Douro. This task examines tourist demand for the Douro, both from potential and current touristsstandpoints, and from the perspective of the host communities

RT4 – Digital marketing and new technologies in support of Douro tourism development. In this task the goal is to develop digital marketing tools and interactive platforms conducive to the

development of tourism in the Douro from its currently low level.