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Qualification level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework

General Objectives
– Acquire knowledge in the areas of thermal techniques, massage techniques, aesthetics and well-being;
– Understand the importance of cleaning spaces and equipment in thermal facilities and SPAs;

- Develop skills in the provision of care related to Spa and Wellness, with therapeutic purposes (treatments, disease prevention and health promotion), and promotion of healthy lifestyles;

- Develop an entrepreneurial spirit in responding to the needs of people who attend thermal units and SPAs.

Admission Requirements
– Secondary or higher education course or equivalent qualification;
– Approval of specially adapted tests (over 23 years of age);
– Diploma of technological specialization or Higher Technician Professional or higher education degree.

Graduate Profile
Manage and apply thermal treatments, massage and SPA techniques to promote people’s health and well-being. Coordinate the process of cleaning and maintaining thermal and SPA equipment

Entities to Practice
Thermal Units

Hotel units with spa’s

Health and well-being clinics

Weekly: daytime

4 semesters – 120 credits


Study Plan