Qualification level 5 of the National Qualifications

General Objectives
– Evaluate the needs of families and communities in different contexts, implementing and managing an intervention plan to improve their quality of life and training under supervision.
– Plan and execute with supervision, appropriate activities, the needs of families and community.
– Intervening with the family and community in the promotion of health from conception to the end of life.

Admission Requirements
– Secondary or higher education course or equivalent qualification;
– Approval of specially adapted tests (over 23 years of age);
– Diploma of technological specialization or Higher Technician Professional or higher education degree.

Graduate Profile
Train professionals to intervene in different contexts performing basic tasks of caring for the family under the guidance of a specialized technician, contributing to community development.

Entities to Practice
Domiciliary Support Service;
Kindergartens and kindergartens and other institutions supporting children and young people;
Free Time Activities Center (CATL);
Emergency Housing and Social Rehabilitation (AERS)
Social Responses for Elderly People (Day Centers, ERPI)

Weekly: daytime

4 semesters – 120 credits


Study Plan