Academic Degree
General Objectives
a) to train professionals with a solid background and skills in Information Technologies and Systems with a focus on the Internet and the Web, to meet the research, teaching and leadership needs of highly innovative projects in developing new applications, products and models for the use of the Internet and the Web;
b) to give doctoral students the opportunity to become leaders in the emerging digital economy and society, motivated to study the Web not only as a technological infrastructure, but also as a phenomenon influenced by society and companies, with an impact on all human activity;
c) to provide the competence to develop and stimulate scientific research in the area of Web Science and Technology;
d) to contribute to the deepening of relations between Higher Education, Science and Innovation.
CNAEF Classification
Computer Science
(481) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
6 semesters
Other Information
Course in association with UAberta

Teaching regime:
The course will operate primarily based on distance learning (EaD) online; will be taught fundamentally by using the e-learning platform, including virtual laboratory facilities and applying the virtual pedagogical model in use at the Open University (UAb). However, there are presential periods of intensive laboratory experimentation, up to two weeks per year, especially considering the curricular part of the course.

Language of instruction:
Portuguese (English as secondary)
Career Opportunities
A PhD in web science and technology is able to lead experimentation/ethnomethodology/design research/action research projects in this field by carrying out processes of change that strongly explore the use of Internet and web-based platforms, taking into account the field of application in organisations, in general, but also in society with groups and individuals in particular.
Admission Requirements
a) Holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent in the areas of information technology and systems, computer and systems engineering, multimedia and computer graphics, applied statistics, computer algebra, and the like;
b) Holders of a particularly relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which is recognized by the competent bodies as attesting the ability to the accomplishment of the doctorate;
c) Exceptionally, holders of a school, scientific and / or professional curriculum that is recognized by the competent bodies as attesting to the ability to carry out the doctorate.
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