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General Objectives
The Graduate in Tourism Entrepreneurship - Make it Happen aims to consolidate and update knowledge about the tourism sector, with a focus on innovation, differentiation and quality, stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit and the creativity of the students.
More than captivating the candidates for entrepreneurs for purely academic research, and without blocking this aspect, the postgraduate model that presents itself, aims, above all, to create innovators and entrepreneurs in Tourism that can help overcome the fear of undertaking and create their own job / company or can innovate and undertake in their work context.

The Graduate in Tourism Entrepreneurship - Make it Happen! includes, in a synergetic logic, curricular units directed to reach the following objectives:
- Knowing in depth the policy and strategic planning for the development of tourism in Portugal and, particularly, in the North;
- Develop capacity to identify market opportunities for the tourism sector (at local level);
- Analyze markets (issuers and receivers) of interest for the development of the sector and for entrepreneurship;
- Acquire or strengthen knowledge about strategic management and marketing in tourism;
- To deepen the study about the behavior of the tourist as a consumer (tourist profile, reason for visit, perceived quality, satisfaction, intention to come back and recommend) and about the image of tourist destinations (destination image in the context of destination branding);
- To acquire knowledge about the new communication strategies and technologies applicable to tourism markets.
- Develop a creative project in tourism, from the idea to the business plan.

The training will be valued with seminars dedicated to business "success stories" and management of tourist destinations.
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