Academic Degree
General Objectives
To train PhDs with multidisciplinary knowledge capable of responding to the current challenges of adequate use and development of emerging technologies in agriculture and forestry.
This program is based on a strong research component in areas representing UTAD priority areas and it will work closely with the running I&D projects, allowing for the students’ integration in research teams with international partnerships.
To contribute to the deepening of relations between Higher Education, Science and Innovation, in accordance with the objectives of the Science 2010 program.
CNAEF Classification
Engineering and related techniques; Agricultural and animal production
(520; 621) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Weekly schedule: Monday to Friday + Tutorial Regime; Academic Calendar: September to June
Two semesters (propedeutics) + six research semesters
Career Opportunities
The PhD course provides specialized training to the fulfillment of academic positions (universities and polytechnic institutes) and non-academic, national and international, in an emerging field with great territorial significance.
Admission Requirements
- Holders of a bachelors degree with a relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognised as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies in the areas Engineering, Informaticss or related fields;
- Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognised as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle;
- Holders of a master degree or legal equivalent in the areas of Engineering, Informaticss or related fields.
Selection And Ranking Criteria
- Classification of access qualification;
- Academic curriculum;
- Scientific curriculum;
- Candidates may be subjected to interview for selection and ranking.
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity