Academic Degree
Bachelor (Bologna 1st cycle degree)
General Objectives
With the adoption of the new study plan, appropriate to Bologna, the aim of the Degree in Social Work is
(1) to provide initial quality training to future Social Workers and Social Work Assistants, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform professional duties in various sectors; and
(2) to provide its graduates with the scientific knowledge, analytical skills and work skills to eventually pursue studies in a 2nd cycle course (master's degree).
CNAEF Classification
Social Work and Guidance
(762) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Weekly: Daytime
7 semesters
Requirements and Regulations
Career Opportunities
Social Work graduates will have the skills to work:
- in Government public sector services and organisations, in the areas of social security, health, education, justice and social reintegration;
- in local public sector services and organisations, in city and parish councils and other local and regional authorities;
- in non-profit NGOs serving people with special needs (e.g. the elderly, children deprived of a family environment, individuals/groups with physical or developmental disabilities, persons moving from psychiatric institutions, outpatients and individuals in the process of hospital discharge with no family back-up, victims of violence or maltreatment, individuals suffering from chronic diseases, individuals in the process of rehabilitation from addiction, the homeless, HIV-positive patients, etc.);
- in organisations promoting the rights of women, children and adolescents, immigrants and ethnic minorities;
- in EU intervention organisations serving territories and communities with problems of social and territorial cohesion;
- in organisations dedicated to social research and training.
Graduate Profile
Social Workers work in public, private or non-profit organisations dedicated to the implementation of programmes, projects and activities of a social nature. They function as members of a multidisciplinary team, often collaborating in multi-institutional partnerships, and interacting with one or more risk groups. In their daily activities, Social Workers:
- Investigate, explain and intervene in social problems;
- Intervene in situations of risk;
- Intervene in situations of promotion, protection and development;
- Design and manage life projects/social intervention projects;
- Apply social policies and programmes;
- Draw up proposals and justify the creation of new resources;
- Implement social support actions;
- Provide individualised social assistance;
- Assume the Technical Direction of NGOs;
- Evaluate and reflect on their professional practice.
Entities to Practice
The Degree in Social Work provides a wide range of career options, in both public and private domains as well as non-profit organisations at all levels - local, regional, national, community and international.
9238 (See more information) [PT]
Admission Requirements
Regional Preference:
not applicable

not required
Admission Tests
One of the following tests: 04 Economy; 09 Geography; 18 Portuguese
Minimum Classification
Entrance Testing: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Application Note: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Lowest Admission Grade (1st phase)
2021: 140,7
2020: 131,0
2019: 95,0
Calculation of the Grades
Middle of Secondary: 65%
Entrance Examinations: 35%
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity