Academic Degree
Master's Degree
General Objectives
The 2nd Cycle in Psychology is oriented towards:
a) the deepening of theoretical questions in one of two areas of specialisation;
b) the development of professional competences, especially through the Internship Curricular Unit, whose objective is to offer students the opportunity to combine their curricular synthesis and professional initiation through the exercise of the profession, thus aiding their transition to autonomous professional practice and integration into the professional environment;
c) the development of research skills in one of two areas of expertise by taking part in research seminars. These seminars are a component of the Research Project curricular unit. After the conclusion of the seminars, students should choose a topic for their Master's thesis and their scientific advisor.
The curriculum of the 2nd Cycle in Psychology has been adapted to Bologna guidelines and approved by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, and also fulfils the requirements of the European Diploma in Psychology. Students who successfully complete this second cycle will obtain a Master's Degree in Psychology.
CNAEF Classification
(311) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
2 years
Career Opportunities
Clinical Psychologist:
- Diagnosis/evaluation of individuals and groups flagged for prevention and treatment
- Prevention/psychological treatment and rehabilitation in mental illness
- Promotion of health and intervention in situations of physical illness
- Psychological counselling
- Psychological intervention and psychotherapy
- Active participation in multidisciplinary teams in services related to health and mental health
- Responsibility for the choice and administration of specific technical equipment of clinical psychology
- Participation in the development of intervention programmes in clinical psychology
- Participation in applied and fundamental research programs in clinical psychology

Educational Psychologist:
- Promoting school success
- Addressing school early leaving
- Evaluating students for the detection and diagnosis of developmental problems and/or learning difficulties
- Providing psychological support for students who need it
- Planning and implementing early intervention programmes for students with special educational needs
- Recognising, certifying and validating, in training and work contexts, acquired competences
- Advising the various agents in the areas of education, training and employment
- Planning and undertaking career guidance and development activities
- Planning and implementing parental education/training programmes
Admission Requirements
- Holders of a bachelors degree or legal equivalent in the area of psychology or related;
- Holders of a foreign higher academic degree, resulting from a 1st cycle of studies organised according to the principles of the Bologna Process, in the area of psychology or related;
- Holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognised as meeting the objectives of the bachelors degree;
- Holders of academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognised as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle.
Selection And Ranking Criteria
- Classification of access qualification;
- Scientific curriculum;
- Professional curriculum;
- Candidates may be subjected to interview for selection and ranking.
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity