Academic Degree
General Objectives
The postgraduate course in Arts - Specialisation in Musical Theatre has as its general objective: the training and qualifying of professionals to intervene with theoretical and technical competence in this specific area, spanning sub-areas of specialisation (five areas to choose from in the 2nd Year - future Master of Arts).
The specific objectives of the Post-Graduate Course in Arts - Specialisation in Musical Theatre are:

1. To contribute to the theoretical and practical consolidation of post-graduates in the sense that they can exercise their technical and professional functions in an adequate and scientifically supported way;
2. To train specialists in the specialist field of Musical Theatre;
3. To deepen and complement the initial training of post-graduate students, whether academic or professional, in order to provide pedagogical-didactic, technical and scientific tools to enable them to create and participate in specific projects in specific market niches (lack of training in the specific area of actors with musical training), where the overwhelming majority of actors do not have any academic or technical training to perform these functions.
4. To contribute to closer disciplinary relations between theatre and music in the areas they complete and in which they must reach high levels of technical quality so that the initiatives or projects can be sustained and articulated between areas in order to help the construction of the whole through its parts.
Other Information
Changing the start date of the Postgraduate course:



Until January 7, 2016
Admission Requirements
Attendance must be in person, and the minimum attendance required for each course unit is 75% of its duration. The presentation of a document justifying absence shall serve to annul it. If the required minimum attendance is not attained, only a certificate of attendance will be issued.
The method of assessment for each curricular unit will be the responsibility of the respective teacher, but all students must develop practices, techniques and approaches to be used in the particular areas of specialisation in question.
Those postgraduate students who do not graduate after completion of the course will be awarded a vocational training certificate rather than a postgraduate certificate.