Academic Degree
General Objectives
The national curriculum of primary education includes artistic expressions as essential competences of all students. In this sense, artistic expressions are indispensable elements for the development of the student's personal and social expression. Artistic expressions combine creativity, reason and emotion, bringing new aspects, forms and densities to the environment and society in which we live. The development of creativity is based on the mobilization and integration of a set of experiences, knowledge, and processes that children perceive, select and organize, giving them new meanings. This development of creativity allows the enrichment of children's symbolic universes, which can take on different manifestations and experiments (plastic, kinesthetic, expressive and musical). It is important to provide the child with opportunities to enjoy different artistic manifestations. The child develops creativity and sensitivity through the contact with different artistic manifestations, representing different times and styles, in diverse areas of Artistic Expressions. Thus, the formative emphasis of the Course is not based solely on "doing" but also on observation and reflection.

Main objetives:
- To deepen the knowledge in the field of Artistic Education;
- To understand the importance of the dynamics of the processes of conception, planning and presentation of intervention projects in artistic education.
- To develop artistic intervention skills in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts;
- To understand and develop projects of artistic intervention in the field of education;
- To combine and use practical and analytical methodologies for artistic education;
- To understand the importance of research in the field of artistic education.
Fridays: from 17:00 to 21:00 | Saturdays: from 9:00 to 13:00; das 14:00 às 20:00
Total Hours : 1620 Contact Hours: 495 Begining: September 25th Ending: July 27th (Avaliation included)
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+351 259 350541 / +351 259 350258 / +351 259 350237

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Admission Requirements
Holders of a degree or legal equivalent are admitted, and holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as attesting the ability to undertake this cycle of studies in accordance with the criteria defined by the course director ( curriculum analysis and, eventually, individual interview.)
Teachers, Socio-cultural animators, artistic mediators, actors, performers, educational/artistic/cultural service tecnitians.