Academic Degree
General Objectives
The PhD in Sustainable Forest Development (DSF) is a program in association between UC and UTAD, and has also the collaboration and support of several companies of wood and cork transformation (e.g. Amorim and Navigator company) and institutes linked with the hunting resources (eg ICNF, Grijó Associative Hunting Zone), among others.
Taking in consideration the interdisciplinary approach of this doctorate program, the management of the program is carried out by both university institutions (two coordinators, one from each University). There is a Coordination Commission, with 2 representatives from each Institution and a Scientific Committee, with the two Course Coordinators and also with the responsible for each Curricular Unit (a cooperation agreement was signed by the two universities). The opening of the editions is alternated between the 2 universities and students will be enrolled in the University that is opening each edition, through its academic management system.

The study programme’s generic objectives:
The general goals of this Doctoral Plan result from the socio-economic dynamics common to all of Europe and, in particular in Portugal, concerning the aging of the population and human desertification of the interior rural territories, and are the following:
To reinforce the training and qualification of human resources that may be the driving force for the development of the interior rural spaces;
To create competences to identify, quantify and manage the natural resources of the rural territories of Portugal;
Strengthening the management of natural resources based on the transfer of scientific knowledge;
Stimulate sustainable economic dynamics, based on the efficient use of natural resources associated with the forest, that might counteract the inactivity and underutilization, identifying investment opportunities;
To join synergies and resources of both universities, in a clear signal of dialogue and cooperative work, between two challenging regions of Portugal (North and Centre).

Specific objectives
To identify the Forested territorial matrix and the main challenges for a sustainable development;
To recognize the main agents, public or private, enterprise or associative, and partners' network suitable to drive solutions for Territory and Societal Challenges;
To know and to present proposals on the challenges assigned to the Forestry sector;
To promote Forestry management of communal lands or other forms of forest organization (eg ZIF);
To participate in the development of specific solutions, in the implementation of development projects and in the application of innovative technology;
To present guide lines in order to improve knowledge transfer to the Society and to the Territory in the forestry sector;
To contribute for a better integration within professional structures whose mission is the protection and prevention against natural or manmade hazards or Forest management, as a way for a sustainable development integrated into the landscape.
Daytime / Full-time / Face-to-face
3 years (6 semesters)
Career Opportunities
Teachers for university and polytechnic education, Forest Research (eg RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute), Forestry Technical Offices, Senior Management in public bodies (eg ICNF) or in private companies, Forest Management Companies (eg ZIF , Baldios, Forest Producers' Associations), carbon credit fund consulting.
More information and applications on website of University of Coimbra
Admission Requirements
Taking into account the interdisciplinarity of this PhD course, the admission conditions are the ones resulting from the Law:
Who can apply:
a) Holders of the master degree or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of the degree of "licenciado" (bachelor degree), with a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognized by the Scientific Council of the Organic unit / school responsible for its edition, attesting capacity for the accomplishment of this cycle of studies;
c) Holders of a an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by he Scientific Council of the Organic unit / School where they wish to be admitted, attesting ability to carry out this cycle of studies.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.
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