Academic Degree
Bachelor (Bologna 1st cycle degree)
General Objectives
The Degree in Landscape Architecture is a 1st cycle course (180 ECTS) that covers six academic semesters and comprises a foundation training of a more generalist content, able to offer the student a wide range of knowledge in several areas of sciences and the arts. During the cycle, a set of curricular units are taught within the scope of the theory and design of landscape architecture, undertaken essentially in a design studio context, which is considered to be fundamental for the perception of the functioning of natural systems and landscape design.
The syllabus offers equivalence with similar cycles in the European higher education area, facilitating mobility and allowing immediate access to other educational levels and, in particular, Master's studies in Landscape Architecture.
Specifically, the intention is that the undergraduate students:
- Acquire a range of knowledge in the sciences and the arts in order to be able to perceive the ecological and cultural systems, aspects related to the transformation and evolution of the landscape, that allows them, in the second cycle, to develop their advanced training in Landscape Planning and Design;
- Acquire, in relation to construction techniques and materials (inert and biological), sufficient knowledge to apply to the design, construction and maintenance of the landscape (here, in particular, the UTAD Campus, which includes the Botanical Garden, is outstanding for its diversity and potential, as a unique resource to support the teaching of Landscape Architecture);
- Develop communication skills and master the technologies of representation;
- Acquire fundamental skills in the area of landscape architecture design and the management and maintenance of outdoor spaces.
CNAEF Classification
Architecture and Urbanism
(581) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Weekly: Daytime
6 semesters
Requirements and Regulations
Career Opportunities
- Production, selection and use of ornamental plants;
- Measurement, budgeting, installation and management of garden projects;
- Management of private green spaces;
- Management of public green spaces;
- Collaboration in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment studies, land use planning and intervention projects in rural spaces;
- Computer-aided design.
Graduate Profile
Graduates in Landscape Architecture at UTAD are professionals with a strong sensitivity to the environment, aesthetic training, the ability to master the techniques of graphic representation and with interpersonal and interprofessional skills.
Entities to Practice
- Production, sale and installation of ornamental plants;
- Construction, maintenance and management of private green spaces;
- Construction, maintenance and management of public green spaces;
- Supervision of works for the construction of private and public green spaces;
- Landscape Architecture Projects;
- Environmental Impact Assessment Studies;
- Land-use planning studies;
- Preparation and implementation of intervention projects in Rural Spaces.
8258 (See more information) [PT]
Admission Requirements
Regional Preference:
not applicable

not required
Admission Tests
One of the following tests: 02 Biology and Geology; 10 Descriptive Geometry; 16 Mathematics
Minimum Classification
Entrance Testing: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Application Note: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Lowest Admission Grade (1st phase)
2018: 104,4
2017: 119,3
Calculation of the Grades
Middle of Secondary: 65%
Entrance Examinations: 35%
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity