Academic Degree
Master's Degree
General Objectives
In this study cycle, the educational profile allows graduates to acquire knowledge and competences related to specialised intervention in Sports Performance Analysis. Likewise, the competences necessary for the development of a career in international scenarios are also addressed.
Based on the growing demand for qualified staff (from the scientific point of view) in the area of Sports Sciences, the specialized training that is offered will allow qualified intervention in the different areas of sports performance analysis, such as: match analysis, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, the return to competition, the monitoring of the training load, relying on the effective use of field and laboratory technology, as well as interconnection skills between the various specialists associated with the performance and health of sportspeople (doctors, physiotherapists, physical trainers, rehabilitators, nutritionists,...), direction and technical coordination of institutions in national and international scenarios, and design and development of scientific studies.
CNAEF Classification
(813) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Other Information
Course Organization
The "Master of Science, Performance Analysis in Sport" is an inter-university master course that involves three European universities: Otto von Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany), University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (Vila Real, Portugal), and the Lithuanian Sports University (Kaunas, Lithuania).
In the first semester, students will attend the Otto von Guericke Universität in Magdeburg (Germany); in the second semester they will be attending at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro in Vila Real (Portugal); and in the third semester they will be at the Lithuanian Sports University in Kaunas (Lithuania). In the fourth and last semester they will carry out an applied, professional-oriented internship (in professional sports organisations, software companies or sports scientific institutes). At the same time, they will do their Master Dissertation related to the area of Sports Performance Analysis, under the guidance and mentoring of a professor from their home university.
Students are admitted on the basis of the home University's regulations and with the consent of the Coordinating Committee. The master relies on the mobility resources of the Erasmus scheme, for students to be able to complete their academic programme in the three universities.
Career Opportunities
The graduates will accumulate abilities to focus their activity on a performance analysis at sports clubs, research institutes or rehabilitation centres. They will have possibility to supervise and develop athletes’ follow-up plans in sports clubs and research laboratories (technical documents, experimental systems, laboratory education, etc.). The graduates will be able to work as managers in Technical Departments of national and international sports organisations or in other positions directly linked to Sport Performance research. They will have the opportunity to prolong their carrier in doctoral studies. The graduates will be ready to function in the global market settings at international business entities that are responsible for sports and recreation technologies and innovations. International studies, interdisciplinary methods as well as team work will greatly contribute not only the graduates’ employability, but also will enhance and foster their readiness to start their own businesses, start-ups in the areas of creation and development of modern sports and recreational technologies.
Admission Requirements
- Holders of a bachelors degree or legal equivalent in the area of Sports Sciences or related;
- Holders of a foreign higher academic degree, resulting from a 1st cycle of studies organised according to the principles of the Bologna Process, in the area of Sports Sciences or related;
- Holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognised as meeting the objectives of the bachelors degree;
- Holders of academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognised as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle.
Selection And Ranking Criteria
- Classification of access qualification;
- Scientific curriculum;
- Professional curriculum;
- Candidates may be subjected to interview for selection and ranking.
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