Academic Degree
General Objectives
This course enables students to:
- Deepen their knowledge in the area of​Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage through projects, activities and actual contact with cultural institutions in Portugal and the Portuguese speaking world;
- Provide future entrepreneurs with skills for the creation and sustainability of cultural enterprises;
- Understand the concept of cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage;
- Provide operational tools for the definition of strategies for safeguarding cultural heritage;
- Introduce and problematise the concept of intangible cultural heritage in the context of museums;
- Present the theoretical framework for Cultural Heritage and museums;
- Analyse good practices for safeguarding Cultural Heritage;
- Acquire the ability to identify, survey, inventory, register, collect, preserve and disseminate intangible cultural heritage;
- Apply the knowledge acquired in case studies;
- To make students aware of the economic and social value of Cultural Heritage.
- Join working groups for heritage promotion and enhancement.
Post-employment regime, on Saturdays (9h-13h; 14h-18h), until completion of all ECTS (one year).
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