Academic Degree
General Objectives
Promote the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training of health professionals for the early identification of patients with palliative care needs and for the provision of Palliative Care;

Provide the basic training needs of general practitioners of health professionals in the region (doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers);

To develop in health professionals practical skills to improve the quality of life of people suffering from incurable or severe illness at an advanced or progressive stage;

To create training conditions that allow Palliative Care professionals and teams to provide psychosocial resources to prevent their exhaustion and exhaustion of non-formal caregivers;

To stimulate the personal and professional development of the UTAD graduates in the area of ​​Health and related, from a perspective of lifelong education / training;

Start a line of interdisciplinary research in CP.
Total Hours: 1620 Contact Hours: 490 Start: October 12, 2018 End: June 28, 2019
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