Academic Degree
Bachelor (Bologna 1st cycle degree)
General Objectives
During the 1st cycle of studies, students should acquire a set of skills in different areas of Basic Sciences, Geology and Biology, from a balanced set of knowledge that is intended to be as broad as possible. Additionally, through optional units, give the student the opportunity to supplement the formation with an initial specialization.
Allows up access to other levels of education in national or international institutions, and equivalence in similar cycles in European higher education institutions.
It is intended that future graduates acquire the following skills for the practice of their profession:
- Adequate and operational understanding of several fundamental concepts of each subject area;
- Motivation for learning new subjects and new techniques;
- Application of knowledge acquired in an integrated manner;
- Ability to use the theoretical knowledge in order to solve practical problems;
- Being able to assess and criticize data and results;
- Recognition of interdisciplinarity of problems;
- Implementation of strategies that will result in the promotion of sustainable development;
- Autonomy in the design of projects and their independent execution;
- Ability to transmit information in a correct and clearly in social and scientific / professional situations.
CNAEF Classification
Biology and Biochemistry
(421) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Weekly: Daytime
6 semesters
Requirements and Regulations
Career Opportunities
- To carry out activities of coordination, supervision, technical responsibility and dissemination in organizations with responsibility in the Natural Heritage domain;
- To carry out activities of coordination, supervision, technical responsibility in organisms with responsibility in the field of planning and territorial management.
Graduate Profile
The degree in Biology and Geology will be able to perform the following professional tasks:
- Integrating multidisciplinary teams for planning, coordinating, implementing or evaluating activities related to natural sciences;
- Develop training activities in the field of natural sciences;
- Collaborate in scientific research projects;
- Perform other activities in the Society, for which a solid university education is an important success factor.
Entities to Practice
- Natural and National Parks; Public Services - Education and Administration;
- Bodies with responsibilities in Territorial Planning and Management;
- Companies and Associations promoting Environmental Education and Regional Development;
- Tourism companies;
- Advisory and Consulting Firms;
- Projects and research lines.
9012 (See more information) [PT]
Admission Requirements
Regional Preference:
not applicable

not required
Admission Tests
One of the following tests: 02 Biology and Geology; 07 Physics and Chemistry; 16 Mathematics
Minimum Classification
Entrance Testing: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Application Note: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Lowest Admission Grade (1st phase)
2022: 138,2
2021: 139,1
2020: 106,5
Calculation of the Grades
Middle of Secondary: 65%
Entrance Examinations: 35%
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity