Academic Degree
Bachelor (Bologna 1st cycle degree)
General Objectives
The degree course in Agronomic Engineering is a 1st cycle course (180 ECTS) that takes six academic semesters. Its objective is the training of graduates with knowledge and skills in the field of agronomic sciences, which enables them to exercise qualified professional activity or progress to more advanced studies.
At the end of the first cycle of studies, Graduates in Agronomic Engineering from UTAD should have a set of skills that allows them to plan and manage the activities of an agricultural or agro-industrial company, in order to guarantee the productivity and the quality of the production in a sustainable way, taking into account the preservation of the environment and food security.
CNAEF Classification
Agricultural and Animal Production
(621) Portaria n.º 256/2005 [PT]
Study Programme/Publication in the Portuguese Official Gazette
Weekly: Daytime
6 semesters
Requirements and Regulations
Career Opportunities
Graduates in Agronomic Engineering can pursue studies at advanced levels or exercise their profession in several areas:
- Agricultural entrepreneurs;
- Management of agricultural and agro-industrial enterprises;
- Institutions of central, regional and local administration in the agronomic and rural development area;
- Vocational education and training;
- Companies providing services and technical advice to the agricultural, agro-commercial and agro-environmental sectors;
- Preparation and implementation of agricultural and agro-industrial projects;
- Participation in rural development projects through associations and producer organisations;
- Marketing, quality control and certification of food companies;
- Green space management and maintenance companies.
Graduate Profile
Professionals with this training have the ability to solve problems in their area, know how to collect, select and interpret information specific to the area, know how to justify and communicate the proposed solutions, and develop skills and motivation for lifelong learning.
Entities to Practice
Public and private entities in the abovementioned areas of competence.
9086 (See more information) [PT]
Admission Requirements
Regional Preference:
not applicable

not required
Admission Tests
One of the following sets:
(02 Biology and Geology; 19 Mathematics A) or
(07 Physics and Chemistry; 19 Mathematics A)
Minimum Classification
Entrance Testing: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Application Note: 95 (scale of 0-200)
Lowest Admission Grade (1st phase)
2022: 118,3
2021: 128,1
2020: 122,5
Calculation of the Grades
Middle of Secondary: 65%
Entrance Examinations: 35%
Resolution Date
A3ES Deliberation
Registry Date
Accreditation Validity