It took place at the meeting UTAD Networking WomenWinWin on February 21 with the opening session was led by Manuela Ribeiro, coordinator of the Northern Committee of WomenWinWin association and Paula Oliveira Seixas, Pro-Rector for Communication and attractiveness of UTAD.

Carla Marques, professor of UTAD, continued the session talking about the importance of entrepreneurship in women, stressing that “the latest global report on entrepreneurship shows that about 136 million women have started business.”

This meeting came within the Lab2Business project – Transfer Technology and Economic Enhancement for the Agrifood Sector and being this region very much characterized by the agricultural sector, Grace Scott, Leonor Santos and Celeste Marques, all linked to the agri-food sector, talked about their professional experiences and personal and on constraints and challenges the senses creating your own business, having left some advice to attendees at the event.

Celeste Marques, winemaker and director of the Corporate Sabrosa Winery, encouraged the women present to follow their dreams. He gave as an example his initial experience in a cellar, workplace almost exclusively of men, which was a “woman to lift the cellar, in an almost exclusively female team, and whose wines are classified internationally, being an example for other women and a sign that we can. “

Already Grace Scott, creator of Fine Herbs company, pointed out that the women’s entrepreneurship is “made of strengths and weaknesses,” and sometimes “our weaknesses are the strength of other women and the reverse also. Sharing is always extremely rewarding. “

Leonor Santos, creator of Vinideas company – Winemaking Development, whose company is responsible for several oenology training sessions and marketing considered the initiative of “great importance because it is an inspiration. And it’s great to share ideas and encourage all other stakeholders, “he said

The workshop also allowed a moment of networking, including over lunch in the Panoramic Restaurant UTAD.

The WomenWinWin Association is a platform founded in 2013 by José Maria Amich whose mentoring program aims to support a number of young entrepreneurs through a process of networking with other more experienced workers.

During the last year the initiative is aimed at reaching the North of Portugal area. “We created the space, we have created the tools and then each of the entrepreneurs will have to put into practice all that is so the networking switches to develop your business,” concluded Manuela Ribeiro.