It took place on February 5 the Good Session Welcome – Welcome Week which included the Vice-Rector of presence for Planning and Internationalization Area, Artur Kitts and supported by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and other University services, Communication and Image Office, Sector Shot, Academic Association of UTAD (AAUTAD), Social Action Services, Tuna Académica UTAD (TAUTAD).

The Welcome Week is a semiannual event organized by the International Relations Office and Mobility (GRIM) and provides international students with various activities in order to integrate them into the university community. Know some services UTAD, who will have contact during your stay, visit the university campus, the city of Vila Real, through a guided tour, and the other sites in the region, is the goal of this week integration.

The Erasmus + students from different countries (Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Iran, Palestine, Jordan and India) still had the opportunity to experience the Portuguese cuisine, through a Free lunch in the cafeteria of the meadows and a Port of Honor offered by the city of Vila Real.