Pedagogical Principles for Teaching and Learning at UTAD

The UTAD Pedagogical Charter presents a set of pedagogical principles that will guide and inspire students, teachers and staff involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning activities; it also aims also to help the university to reflect on how to create and maintain a committed, engaging and stimulating learning environment, facilitating the development of students’ academic and individual potentialities.

7 principles guide teaching and learning at UTAD:

Thus, in line with the UTAD’s Global Strategic Plan for the educational quality, we will continue to promote the development of appropriate and innovative teaching and learning methods. Due to the diversity of disciplines, the objectives and the particular structure of the study programs, as well as the individual preferences of teachers and students, no single pedagogical format can or should be promoted. In terms of pedagogical training, we value the diversity of pedagogical strategies, as long as they are scientifically supported and promoting the student active learning.

According to the above, the professor at UTAD:
– values the diversity of opinions and sees as positive the existence of different ideas in relation to the same subject;
– Shares knowledge and pedagogical practices;
– Actively seeks to broaden his/her scientific, pedagogical and human skills, which should be reflected in the teaching practice;
– Stimulates students to think critically and creatively; guides them in scientific research and promotes their autonomy;
– Promotes inclusion through collaborative, dynamic and interactive practices;
– Integrates into his/her practices, and in accordance with Agenda 2030, the reflection on sustainable development;
– Engages with the pursuit of truth, integrity, honesty and tolerance.