The Management Board shall be composed of the Rector, who shall take the chair, a Vice-Rector appointed by him and the Administrator, and may include one or two members with recognised skills in management, freely chosen and appointed by the Rector from amongst the teaching and research staff or the non-teaching or non-research staff of the University.

The term of office of members of the Management Board shall be for the same term of office as the Rector who appointed them and shall cease with the latter.


It is the responsibility of the Management Board to conduct the administrative, asset and financial management of the University, as well as to manage the human resources, and it is subject to the legislation in force for public bodies with administrative autonomy. The Management Board is also responsible for setting fees and charges.

The Management Board may, in general, delegate to the bodies of the organisational units and to the directors of the Services the responsibilities that it deems appropriate and necessary for a more efficient management.


Emídio Ferreira dos Santos Gomes
João Manuel Pereira Barroso
José Miguel Pereira Gomes
José Miguel Pereira Gomes
Head of the Dean’s Office
Maria João Filomena dos Santos Pinto Monteiro
ESS President 
(rotational basis among school presidents)