Jorge Ventura Ferreira Cardoso, born in 1960, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology and Environment (DeBA) of the School of Life and Environmental Sciences (ECVA) at UTAD. Graduated in Zootechnic Engineering from UTAD in 1987. PhD in Biological Engineering from UTAD, in 2003. Teaching at UTAD since 1987 he is responsible for various curricular units in the field of Animal Biology, namely Embryology and Animal Histology, Biology of the Development, Biology of the Anchordata and Chordata. Integrated member of the Centre for the Research and Technology of Agro-Environmental and Biological Sciences (CITAB), focusing his research activity in the areas of chemical and nutritional composition of foods and food product technology, associated with the use of natural resources, namely the chestnut, in animal and human nutrition. In this context, he has been part, since 1987, of research teams responsible for the implementation of several R&D projects, financed under the PIDR and PDRITM-2, PAMAF, AGRO, INTERREG, POCI, PRODER, INTERACT and GO PDR2020 programmes. He has held several institutional management positions, namely: Director of the MSc in Laboratory Analysis (2007-2009); Director of the MSc in Ecosystems Management (2009-2011); Director of the MSc in Environmental Engineering, Director of the Graduation in Environmental Engineering and Director of the Graduation in Applied Ecology (2009-2013); Director of the Department of Biology and Environment (2009-2017); Vice-President and Member of the Assembly of ECVA (2013-2017); President of the Pedagogic Council of ECVA and Member of the Academic Council (since 2013).