Being aware of the extremely complex challenges it faces, UTAD has adopted public hearing as a general practice, making them a fundamental mechanism to reinforce the inclusion of its members in decision-making processes, actively involving them in public discussions and the search for the best solutions for the University. 

The new Code of Administrative Procedure entered into force on 8 April 2015. This enshrines some innovative solutions, namely the obligation to publicise the beginning of the administrative procedure for the elaboration of administrative regulations, in accordance with the provisions contained in articles 97 to 101 of the Code. 

In this legal context, UTAD has created Public Hearing as a way of enabling the presentation of contributions by anyone who has previously been identified as an interested party, under certain initiatives to elaborate administrative regulations, whenever these contain rules that directly and immediately affect the legally protected rights and interests of citizens. 

This change in the process of drawing up administrative regulations is the result of an increased effort by the legislator to consolidate the general principles of administrative activity already contained in the previous Code, namely the principles of equality, proportionality, impartiality and collaboration with individuals.

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