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Why support UTAD?


It is UTAD’s mission to produce, integrate, preserve and disseminate knowledge, actively and responsibly serving society through the all-round training of its students and citizens in general and contributing to a more harmonious and sustainable development of the region, the country and the planet.


UTAD’s Vision translates into the construction of an ECO-UNIVERSITY, committed to the involvement of the academy and the community in formulating responses to the great challenges facing society today.


7000 students | 36 1st cycle courses | 58 2nd cycle courses | 18 3rd cycle courses
4 University schools | 1 Polytechnic School
505 Teachers and Researchers | 6 Research Centres and external research Branches


Improving the TEACHING and RESEARCH activity

– Equipment for classrooms and/or laboratories
– Equipment for Specialised Service Units
– Support for the publication of work by teachers/researchers
– Support for scientific, technical and professional events
– Equipment and/or exhibitions at the Museum of Geology and Botanical Garden

Rewarding MERIT

– Student Merit Scholarships
– Prizes for researchers
– Support for the development of projects

Supporting CULTURAL activities

– Film Cycles
– Chamber Choir/Theatre Group
– Art exhibitions
– Artistic residencies
– Other initiatives of an artistic and cultural nature

Supporting STUDENTS

– Social Support Fund

Promoting ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY and the construction of the ECO-CAMPUS

– Support for environmental science improvement practices on campus
– Support for the equipment and enrichment of the Botanical Garden


  • Visibility and image
    Improving the corporate image of the institution
  • Social responsibility
    Promoting important research for society and improving citizens’ quality of life
  • Internal communication
    Bringing the employees of the institution together around common values
  • Information
    Having permanent access to information about the projects it supports and the events to be held at UTAD
  • Tax Benefits
    Tax benefits statute (Art. 61 of the EBF)

    • Corporate tax benefit
      You can deduct between 120% and 140% of the amount donated in tax payable, depending on the type and frequency of the patronage.
    • Income tax benefit
      You can deduct 25% of the amount donated if it is not accounted for as a cost.

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