The prize is participation in the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference – TNC 2018 – to be held in Norway.

Jorge Miguel Mendes , PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering and José Pedro Brito , Master’s student in Computer Science, both from the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), were selected to participate in the largest networking conference academic which this year takes place in Trondheim, Norway.

The two students UTAD were selected by FCCN, Foundation Unit for Science and Technology, and can travel to Norway and have the unique opportunity to be speakers at the conference, will also receive three free technical training, in the form of webinars so that it can be better prepared for the big day.

Each year, the organization TNC launches invitation to the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of various countries to support these young local talent, through the submission of applications for Lightning Talks . These are an excellent opportunity for speakers who venture into their first performance. In five minutes they have to present your idea to the conference of the audience, which brings together each year about 650 participants from various countries.

TNC is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference. It brings together decision makers, network managers and experts in collaboration and identity management, from major European research organizations and teaching, universities, similar institutions worldwide, and many representatives of the technology industry.

Projects to present UTAD

PhD scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology, Jorge Miguel Mendes has as guiding teachers Raul Morais dos Santos, UTAD, and Filipe Santos, INESC-TEC and leads to this competition the project “MySense” – a support platform the data integration from devices IoT (Internet of Things), applied to the agro – forestry sector.

“The MySense platform is the result of the need to integrate data from multiple sources, in particular IoT devices (Internet of Things), that collect data in various fields of agriculture and agroforestry / Precision viticulture. A modular perspective, the MySense platform incorporates multiple processing modules in order to support the interaction between the data acquired and stored in a cloud with decision support support systems essential in the context of predicting diseases, advanced monitoring agricultural processes , forest management and smart irrigation “.

José Pedro Brito , is fellow Master and its guiding teachers Amadeu Borges and Emanuel Peres Correia, both of UTAD, and leads to competition an integrative and collaborative platform for sustainability management, which consists of environmental monitoring and resource management, using a network of sensors for application in Ecocampus UTAD.

“The platform is based on the principle of resource management in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness under the premise” we can go far if we are efficient “and aims at integrated approach to efficiency and effectiveness in institutions, using new technology data collection TICE real-time, remote management, interoperable with existing systems and allows the provision of open data, enabling and providing the tools institutions for efficient resource management and intelligent data processing for an effective reduction costs and constant environmental monitoring to safeguard any disturbances on human health. “

These projects integrate into the 2018 edition of the themes of the TNC, which will focus on the power of the Internet, the responsibility of sustainability and delivers the power of data analysis, creating intelligent complexity and network speed of science.

Photo Caption : Winners Lightning Talks and guiding