PILOT YEAR – 2015/2016

PT-UTAD will be implemented in two 1st cycle courses per School, chosen on the basis of:

  • Responsiveness and sensitivity of the course directors to the tutoring program
  • Courses with a high failure or dropout rate in the 1st academic year
  • Other criteria

Following academic years: Extension of PT-UTAD to all courses.

Programme Structure [SEE PowerPoint]


  • One coordinator appointed by the Rector.
  • Five vice-coordinators appointed by the Pedagogical Councils of the Schools.
  • One representative of the Academic Association

Tutoring carried out by:

  • Tutors (teachers)
  • Mentors (older students)
  • Tutoring Support Office based in GESQUA, which will include a psychologist.

The Tutoring Support Office carries out the following activities:

  • Training of tutors
  • Support and monitoring of tutoring activities
  • Individual tutor support
  • Problem-solving for tutors and those tutored.

Who are the Tutors?

Tutors are teachers with experience in the course attended by those tutored. 
Tutors are volunteers who carry out training activities.
Tutors are responsible for supervising a tutoring team (consisting of about 15 students and three mentors).
Tutors monitor the students’ academic course and performance
Tutors promote tutoring and integration activities and seek solutions to problems detected

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are students attending a more advanced year of the same course as those tutored
Mentors take part in the reception of new students
Mentors support the development of a culture of participation and involvement in academic life.
Mentors promote new students’ social and academic integration.
Mentors promote the participation of those tutored in training activities organised by PT-UTAD

PT-UTAD’s relations with other programmes:

PT-UTAD is linked with the Quality Management System of the Study Cycles and Curricular Units
PT-UTAD will start each academic year with the reception of new students
PT-UTAD will seek to integrate new students in the companies of former students (Mentor-Alumni)