The mission of the UTAD Tutoring Programme (PT-UTAD) is to promote the integration and academic success of students in the transition from Secondary School to Higher Education and throughout their course at the University, contributing, through the involvement of teachers, to the optimisation of the Teaching and Learning processes.


  • To support the transition of new students from secondary education to higher education;
  • To provide assistance to students during their course at UTAD;
  • To identify early on any students in a failing situation;
    • To guide students’ academic course;
  • To support activities related to the coordination of the Courses;
  • To contribute to improvements in the quality of teaching at UTAD.


  • Training programme for the development of students’ transversal skills
    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Other sessions
  • Involvement of students in the opportunities offered by university life (academic, cultural, sports, mobility).


  • 1st and 2nd year students on the 1st cycle and Integrated Master courses.
    • PT-UTAD is implemented in articulation with reception and induction activities for new students.
  • Students in more advanced years who request it.