The government launched a Knowledge and Innovation Roadmap and the first legislative measures at the meeting of the Special Council of Ministers dedicated to science, held this Thursday. This program, which focuses on knowledge and innovation, including the launch of collaborative laboratories and the signing of the protocols “GoPortugal – Global Science and Technology Partnerships Portugal”, aimed at internationalization of Portuguese universities, and will be underwritten by a number of universities and entities Portuguese and foreign.

The script includes a set of initiatives distributed across the country in order to point out how innovation is transforming the territories, and in them fits the visit to the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), tomorrow (16 February), as of 15:30, which will be signed the contract Collaborative Laboratory Vines & Wines, related to the Vine and Wine.

This initiative brings together a set of private and public entities around the success of the national wine production, especially of collective marks “Wines of Portugal” and Port.

According to José Manso of ADVID, the promoter, collaborative laboratory will contribute to increase the volume and the value of Port wine in the world market, and the demand for efficient response of economic agents to climate change processes. He added as objectives of this Collaborative Laboratory to guarantee that the national science and technology will be the scientific pillar for all actors operating in the sector.

After this act, will take place the inauguration of the School of Health, a new infrastructure that continues the training and upgrading of the campus in health and sports science.