The Academic Association of UTAD (AAUTAD) was founded on 24 February 1988 and is based in Quinta dos Prados, Vila Real, on the University campus. It is the largest Recreational, Cultural and Sports Association in the Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro region, and works to defend the interests of the university, adopting a serious, priority commitment to the students it represents, accompanying them in an attentive, caring and supportive way. Proximity to the university is one of the fundamental pillars of AAUTAD, which bases its intervention on permanent dialogue and the vision of being an association of students, for students and with students.

If you are or will be studying at UTAD, you can count on the Academic Association, where you will find support for study, leisure, culture, sports and much more. Get involved! Participate! AAUTAD is yours.

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