Artistic and cultural activities are fundamental to create a university that seeks to be an innovative ecosystem, that fosters openness, mental flexibility, creativity, tolerance and social inclusion and a space where productivity and happiness are interconnected and mutually reinforced.

UTAD’s mission in the field of Arts and Culture is to make the campus an eminently cultural open space for the community, that stimulates academic, civic and democratic practices appropriate to the ethically and intellectually demanding environment which is its raison d’être, to stimulate the creativity of the whole university and the critical thinking, and offer opportunities for creation and sharing, in order to support the University’s mission.

At UTAD (or with its collaboration) there are: conference cycles; gatherings; film cycles; music, theatre, dance; photography, painting, sculpture and other exhibitions; initiatives that combine gastronomy and music/cinema/debate; initiatives that cross the arts and sciences; cultural tours; creative workshops; rambles on campus.

It work with an integrated vision, through a programme of regular events with multiple starting points, based on the rationale of a university open to the city, the region, the country and the world. Do not neglect to support relevant projects carried out in the community (exhibitions, film cycles, concerts), lending them visibility and prestige with the “seal and sponsorship of UTAD”.

The Mission for Arts and Culture Group, created in 2013, organises activities, which often involve links with local, regional and national entities.