The action “UTAD+CONTIGO” (UTAD+WITHYOU) aims to support students at UTAD with concrete actions, resulting from the national emergency situation that is being experienced and as an active response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The action “UTAD+CONTIGO” (UTAD+WITHYOU) will listen to all students through an online survey or through an internal call center in order to assess 3 dimensions:

What level of computer equipment and internet access does each student have at home

Evaluation of the distance learning process

Determination of support areas that UTAD may grant individually or within the scope of its partners’ network


Scope of intervention

  • Adaptation to the distance learning system (with technological support – internet and/or computer)
  • Contact with teachers
  • Social support (Social Action Services)
  • Financial support
  • Psychological support (Teleconsultation or Presential)
  • Medical support (Teleconsultation or Presential)
  • Medical support for family members (Teleconsultation or Presential)
  • Other, to be defined


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