Wireless network

The UTAD Campus is covered by a wireless network, which allows wireless internet access. UTAD is part of the international EDUROAM consortium, allowing their users with access to the UTAD wireless network to also use it in other European and Australian institutions.

To set up your computer to access the wireless network, follow the download instructions in the documents.

To learn more about EDUROAM, see:

FCCN page: [www.fccn.pt] e-U Campus Virtual option
EDUROAM page: [www.eduroam.org]

The VPN service

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows users of UTAD’s computer systems to remotely access UTAD resources under the same conditions as if they were physically connected to the network on the UTAD campus. Access is made over an encrypted channel, ensuring the security of the data transmitted.

This service uses CISCO technology, and users must install client software on their computers.

To access the Internet via VPN, you must install the client software, and configure it following the download instructions in the document.

Serviços de Informática e Comunicações (SIC): [More info]