World No Tobacco Day was created by WHO member states in 1987 and is celebrated every year on May 31st.

Given the harmful effects on health and well-being, with this date the WHO aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke, and to discourage tobacco consumption in any of its forms.

UTAD’s Strategic Program 21-25 includes the objective of promoting a culture of health and well-being in a sustainable environment in which to work and study. To this end, actions are being taken to ensure that everyone who works at UTAD does so in an environment of decreasing risk and favoring personal well-being, through an environmentally healthy and sustainable environment. Therefore, the PRTPT, in collaboration with the Rector’s Office for the Environment and in partnership with the PRSBE, have planned to redefine the smoking areas in the space surrounding the Ecocampus buildings, as well as to put up fire doors in these areas. The measures introduced will help reduce the risk of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

We invite you to consult the Map of Smoking Spots at UTAD.




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